Asset Leasing and Financing through Global Capital, Ltd.: A Sustainable Solution

At Global Capital, Ltd., we recognize our responsibility to operate as a responsible and sustainable business. We are committed to integrating ethical, environmental, and social considerations into our daily operations and decision-making processes.


The very nature of our business aligns with valued sustainable practice in the three critical dimensions of E, S, and G – environmental, social and governance – performance. Our customized solutions support your business while affecting positive change for the planet, people and the communities where you operate. Here’s how:



Equipment leasing helps reduce the use of raw materials, prolongs product end-of-life and lessens waste. This contributes to what is known as a “circular economy,” keeping resources in use for as long as possible. It helps you get access to the latest equipment – including green equipment if you choose – and it keeps equipment in the value chain, saving e-waste from moving from one user to a landfill.


We can also work with you to choose investment vehicles in green funds for an even greater impact on the planet.



As a certified woman-owned enterprise, we know what it takes to stand out in business and to need the latest and greatest innovations. Our leasing options provide greater access to capital for small and diverse businesses or for those that might otherwise have need denied or found systemic barriers to their capital requirements. This helps to expand opportunities for the growth of diversity in ownership and supports our local economies.



We are committed to responsible financing with the highest standards of ethics, integrity and transparency, with options that serve your business and your values. We customize leasing structures that meet your needs, with a variety of options and easy to understand terms and conditions. Our expertise, understanding of accounting and tax issues, and our deep experience in nearly all industries lets you focus on your business while we manage the details.


Let’s work together to secure to a more sustainable future for our businesses, our communities and the planet.

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